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Thank you for your visit. Sterling Freight Services specializes in all aspects of the transport of goods between the United States and Belize.  We don't stop there, though! With our ever expanding network of agents and providers, the world is now in your grasp.

We hope this site will prove to be a valuable tool in answering your questions as well as assisting in making your shipment an easy one. Please take a look around, and contact us if you have any additional questions or queries. Thank you for choosing Sterling Freight Services

We strive to be the "one-stop" solution for all your freight transport and shipping requirements. From a full container to a shoe box, Sterling Freight Services can transport your freight with reliability and competitive prices. With our ever expanding network of agents worldwide, we can help you move your freight from any corner of the globe.

Allow us to show you the advantages of working with an honest, trustworthy freight provider who really cares about you and your goods. We take the greatest pride in offering our customers the highest levels of service available at excellent rates.

Sterling Office in Belize

We offer warehousing and stevedore services in Belize. Our modern warehouse is equipped with a forklift, industrial shelving, and other tools to facilitate unloading and loading containers and trucks. Located on the Central Farm Airstrip and having aircraft hangar facilities, we can also assist in local airfreight and aircraft storage.

Please contact us in advance about our long term storage.

Sterling Warehouse in Belize






Out Most Important Freight Is Yours


Voyage Number:
Receiving Cut Off:
Sailing Date:

ETA Belize 9 /4 -8 /15


Voyage Number:
Receiving Cut-Off:
Sailing Date:
**Dates are subject to change**



Voyage Number:
Receiving Cut Off:
Sailing Date:


arrived on July 16th, 2015





Sailing Date:


**Dates are subject to change **

Important Changes

Please note our new Houston warehouse address. We ask that you do not contact the Houston warehouse for schedules, rates, parcel tracking, etc.

It is IMPORTANT that Your name –SFS ( abbr.for Sterling Freight Services) is included on your ship to address. You can also print out our ready made address labels

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Due to the ever changing requirements of shipping, we must now charge a 1% insurance surcharge for the value of your items you are sending. This is a requirement for us, and we apologize for the additional charge incurred.

NOTE: Above dates are projected, unless otherwise noted. Projected dates subject to change based on cargo volume.
What MUST I do to avoid shipment delays and additional charges?
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