To get a package from the US to Belize, all you need to concern yourself with is getting it to our Houston address. No Belize address what so ever needs to be on your package, just the Houston address as shown below. Imagine that our Houston address is your final destination, because once it arrives there, it comes into our care and automatically ships to our Belize address. Here is the process:

New items require an invoice and used items require a packing list. A packing list is simply a list of the items enclosed in the package with their reasonable resale values. You need to insert one copy of the invoice or packing list into an envelope and tape it to the outside of the package, and send one copy of it to Sterling Freight in advance of your shipment. E-mail Invoices to Having the invoice or packing list attached to the outside of your box minimizes the likelyhood of a Customs open search. If the shipper is the person you're buying from and this process is out of your hands, it is even more crucial that you fax or email us the invoice or packing list as early on as possible. This procedure helps us help you as we are better informed when we work with Belize Customs, minimizing the chances of your items being tampered with, and maximizing the speed in which they clear.

Send Your Invoice or Packing List to Sterling

Attach or write the address below on your package in clear lettering. The "SFS" lets the people at World Commerce Forwarding in Houston know this package is shipping to Sterling Freight Service, while your name lets us distinguish who the packages are for once they all arrive together in Belize. If a seller will be handling the shipping for you, please ask them to write the address this way.

See contact page for address.

You can also print out our ready-made labels:

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Address Label

Shipping as easy as 123

The final process as illustrated below goes like this:

1. Put one copy of your invoice or packing list in an envelope. Send another copy to Sterling.

2. Fill out the correct address as shown below.

3. Attach the envelope and the address on the outside of your package and send it. You're done!

3 Simple Steps to Preparing Your Package

Hazardous Materials